This series of work developed out of the 'Solid Shadow' series and continues my interest in the relationship between the 2D profiles (shadows) and 3D form. The processes employed can be seen as a simplification of the those involved in the 'Solid Shadow' series. Instead of a simultaneous 3 way rotation being employed to create solid form from 2D image, a simple extrusion/lofting process was employed.

The wall based run plaster pieces seek to fix a movement through time, a process of drawing a body profile from one point in space to another (or sometimes back to itself). Like cartoon 'speed lines' these works make visible a path of travel, while also defining and making physical both a process and period of time.

The 'run block' series developed from extending the 'Run Bodies' wall based works into full 3D objects. The actual shapes are inspired by a reflection on the processes of digital modeling. The development of 2D drawing into 3D objects within much modeling software is the basis of learning to create virtual models. These works can be seen as physical manifestations of some of the most basic computer modeling procedures (e.g. lofting, rotating, tapering, shearing), the sort of thing you might do in your first CAD lesson.

Although the profiles used within the works are body based, the pieces have a strong visual reference to interior architectural plaster decoration (i.e. skirting boards, coving and ceiling roses). It is this element which I intend to develop in future work. I feel there is considerable potential for site specific work which set up a tension between concepts of craft production, allusions to architectural decoration, and the sculptural concerns of capturing space and time.

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